5 Simple Steps to Properly Load a Moving Truck Like a Professional

When the thought moving comes to the mind of most people, they think about the effort, broken belongings, loss of time and so on. However, not everyone knows or puts any thought into the way things are loaded. Loading a moving truck in a professional way is essential if you want to perform an effective moving for a couple of reasons:

  • Items are arranged in such a way that allows better organization, which in turn results in full usage of the space available in the truck. Meaning that you won’t need as much truck loads as you would if the space wasn’t properly used.


  • Less expensive because it requires less loads and less time spent in the loading and unloading process. This is especially important if you hire someone for a moving service and are paying hourly rates. Knowing that they load their moving truck professionally is a good indicator that they are doing a great job!
  • Items are properly organized, which means that there is a much smaller chance of damage to the most delicate belongings. How many times have you had bad experiences concerning this particular problem? By loading a moving truck in the best way, your belongings will be spared from damage.


Loading a truck professionally is not an impossible task; let’s have a look at how the pros do it:


Step 1: Starting by the Attic

In order to load a truck like a pro you need to start by loading the attic of the moving truck. Of course some vehicles do not possess an attic, if that’s your case, skip to the next step.


Step 2: Loading Big and Small Items

In order to assure that the space is properly used and the items are properly organized, make sure you load all the big items in the left and right sides of the truck and stack smaller items in between them. Assuring that everything is organized, and smaller belongings won’t be damaged on the way to the destination.


Step 3: Creating a Hallway

Strap two sides in to create a small hallway in the truck. After that, all you have to do is to load the hallway and put smaller items in between the bigger belongings until the whole truck is full. It’s as simple as that!


Step 4: Organizing the Truck Properly According to Item Size

If the items won’t fill the truck and you have small items and no big ones, then load everything left to right in the truck and then grab the biggest item and place it in the last place in order to hold all the other items in. After that, make sure to do a criss cross to hold all the items in with the help of moving straps to avoiding damage.


Step 5: Be Careful With Other Items

While the steps mentioned above are also designed to prevent any damage to your belongings, make sure you take preventive measures to avoid any possible damage. Plastic wrap all the items, use moving straps and moving blankets. If there are picture frames you can place them between the mattresses in order to prevent absorb any impact and so forth.


This is how pro movers and professional moving companies load their moving trucks; assuring full efficiency, time saving and the safety of all the belongings that are being transported.

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