How It Works | Phoenix & Tampa Moving Company

All jobs come with plastic wrap, blankets and moving straps to hold your valuable items in.

We offer premium moving services which include all furniture glass and appliances to be wrapped in blankets and then plastic wrapped for extra security!

After your quoted your hourly estimate, that price doesn't change!

How We Pack Our Trucks

High Stack

Low Stack

Once we are arrive we look at all the items that need to get moved to get a game plan. Then we start moving all the big items in the truck and the attic of the truck.

Once this is complete we find all the glass and wrap that in blankets and plastic wrap. Then we put those items in last and in between the mattresses. Once all big items are in we start loading the best boxes in to create a good foundation and start loading the smaller items on top of those. All light items go on top. Below are some videos of us packing our trucks in fast motion. 


Furniture Wrapping Styles Explained

Option A Full (Wrap Top To Bottom Even Under The Furniture Inside Your Property)

Option B Partial Wrap (We Wrap Top and Sides Of The Furniture Inside Your Property)

Option C  ( We simply put your furniture in our truck and throw a blanket over it) Fastest Way