Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following terms apply to any contract between Shirtless Movers and you the customer.

1. Quotations Given by ShirtlessMovers

1.1 Our quotations include VAT but do not include any other government or other official body’s levies or fees. Such fees must be paid by you in addition to the quote provided.

1.2 We reserve the right to adjust the price of the original quotation if any of the following should an occur which have not been accounted for during the writing of the contract:

1.2.3 The goods are located above the second storey of the building.

1.2.4 Additional services are required.

1.2.6 Access is too difficult or impractical for our moving vehicles.

1.3 Insurance policies will only apply if they have been previously written into the contract and included in the quotation.

2. Excluded Work

2.1 We will not provide, connection of appliances, removal of curtains or blinds unless previously agreed in the written contract.

2.2 We will not clear the access point of snow or other debris, or move anything that could put our team at risk of injury.

3. Excluded Items

3.1 We will not move the following items: jewellery, money, collections, explosives, infected goods, frozen goods, animals or pets, boats, caravans, perishable goods.

3.2 If you submit any such goods to be moved by our team we accept no liability for loss or damage. We are entitled to dispose of such goods with no notice to you.

4. Your Responsibility

4.1 It is your responsibility to:

            4.1.1 Disclose to us the true value of your goods.

            4.1.2 Be present at both departure and destination sites.

            4.1.3 Obtain all relevant documents for your move.

5. Ownership of the goods

5.1 All goods must be your own property, or you must have the authority to move them on the owner’s behalf. You are responsible for damages if you do not own the goods.

6. Cancellations

6.1 We reserve the right to cancel at anytime up to 24 hour of the move date.

7. Liability for Damage

7.1 We will only be liable for the damage of goods caused by our own negligence. The following cases do not apply: fire, war, natural disaster, leakage from unstable goods, wear and tear, and infestation.

7.2 We may choose to repair or replace any item we damage.

7.3 We are not responsible for any goods not packed by us, or any goods mentioned in section 3.

8. Insurance

8.1 If you have chosen an insurance policy, the following apply:

            8.1.1 We will take out the insurance policy.

8.1.2 If loss or damage occurs, we will contact the insurer immediately and notify you of the terms within two working days. You will receive copies of all correspondence.

8.1.3 We are not responsible for starting any legal proceedings with the insurer unless previously agreed with you in the contract.

9. Delays

9.1 Unless specified in the written contract, arrival and departure times are an estimate.

9.2 If we are responsible for any delays we will pay reasonable expenses.

9.3 If we are unable to deliver goods due to circumstances outside our control, you will be responsible for additional storage charges.

10. Time Limit for Claims

10.1 We are not liable for damaged or lost goods unless you file a claim in writing within 7 days of delivery.

11. Our rights to withhold or dispose of goods

11.1 We retain the right to withhold or dispose of goods if you have not paid charges in full. You are responsible for additional storage charges during this time.

12. Sub-contracting

12.1 We retain the right to sub-contract some of all of the work for your move without notifying you. All of the conditions still apply in this case.

13. Storage

13.1 If you require storage services,

            13.1.1 You must provide a forwarding address and notify us if it changes.

13.1.2 Our inventory of your goods will be considered accurate unless you provide any written errors within 14 days of us sending the inventory to you.

13.1.3 All storage costs must be paid before we release the goods.

13.1.4 If our charges change, we will give you 28 days’ notice. You have this time to pay and remove your goods from our care if you wish.

13.1.5 If you wish to terminate your storage contract you should give 14 days’ notice. Specific dates for release cannot be guaranteed.

14. Agreement to Terms

14.1 These terms and conditions along with your written contract prevail over any verbal agreement. Any variation to these terms must be agreed in writing.