Top 4 Saint Paul Moving Compaines


Saint Paul city is the capital and one of the most populated cities in Minnesota, a state in the United States of America. The city is located on the east bank of the Mississippi river and has a large population of about 300,851 people. Thousands of people move to the city to work in the numerous multinational organizations such as Ecolab and the Xcel Energy Centre. Saint Paul also has the headquarters of the state of Minnesota and other important governmental organizations. The city also has important landmarks as it is found near historical heritage sites such as Native American settlements thus serving as a tourist destination. This makes the city one of the most sought after relocation destinations in the United States of America due to the abundance of job opportunities. As we all know moving can be a stressful activity and many people seek the services of high quality services that will reduce their burden and make moving a pleasant experience. The article will further discuss the top four best moving companies in the city of Saint Paul.

College Muscle Movers


720 Prior Ave N
St. Paul, MN 55104

Contact: +1 651 917-4108


One of the best moving compounds found in the city is College Muscle Movers who are able to offer professional service which is top-notch and involves labour only relocating services with packing and storage options available. The staffs of the company are all handpicked and undergo a rigorous training exercise to ensure they are professional. The CMM is recommended for it offers services at cost effective prices.

Lighthouse moving


473 Smith Avenue south

St Paul, MN 55102

Contact: +1 651-300-0017



The second recommended is the Lighthouse moving company which offers over 7 years’ experience in moving people in and out of the Minnesota state. The company also has a solid and very ethical team who are highly rated for their services. It is fully licensed by the by the state and has a good working reputation as the workforce is polite and offers safe and efficient moving methods due to the years of experience.


Fisher Transfer

Address: 1090E Jessamine Ave,

St Paul, MN 55106

Contact: +1 651-774-2259



The other highly rated moving company is the Fisher Transfer which offers over 75 years’ experience in the field. The company is sought after due to their pleasant moving experience regardless of where you are moving be it a new house or a commercial building. With highly trained and professional moving personnel the company is almost guaranteed to give you high quality results.

Shirtless Movers


519 7th St,

Farmington, MN


Contact: +1 8440-301-MOVE

The other high quality moving company available is the Shirtless movers, originally from the state of Arizona and Florida. The company has expanded and has started offering their high quality cost effective services to the state of Minnesota. At Saint Paul, the company will be suitable as it will offer a moving fee which will be inclusive and cost-effective. The company offers three highly technological levels of wrapping and loading. This means that the client will be able to choose the level that they are most comfortable with and the ones that are cost effective. The shirtless movers company also have the client’s interests at heart and offer free packaging boxes and wrapping paper. What make them unique is that they offer flat-rate price for all their trucks and movers which ensures the client has an economical and hassle-free moving experience that highly reduces the stress associated with moving.






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