1.) How long does the average move take?
3-5 hours.

2.) How many movers do I get if I don't mention anything special?
2 Movers.

3.) For houses that need all boxes moved and heavy items how many movers should I get?
3 Movers.

4.) When does the clock start?
When the movers arrive or when movers get in truck (depends on branch location and may change if a coupon is applied please confirm with branch location on your order). This will be disclosed to you before booking your move by email and over phone. This info will be located in your email confirmation.

5.) Does your company offer free repairs if the walls get damage or items?
Yes we do.

6.) Does your company have insurance to cover damaged goods?
Yes we do our insurance covers 50k worth of coverage. It is free and is included in all moves.

7.) All your move jobs shirts off?
No, if the customer does not mention anything the job will be shirts on.

8.) When do you guys stop the clock?
When we are done moving your items in the house and arraging the house with your items. We will stay as long as you need us for.

9.) Are there any other fees I need to know about other then hourly rate?
Yes, in most cases there will be a drive to cover the gas and time to get our to the job site. All this will be disclosed by the sales rep by email confirmation and phone call prior to booking your move.

10.) If something brakes what should we do next?
Call 1-844-301-MOVE and ask to speak to the manager if you do not want it repaired.