House Packing Service | Minneapolis and Phoenix Area's

We offer professional packing services in Tampa Bay , Minneapolis MN and Phoenix AZ Area's. We can pack all your glass and fragile items professionally in boxes using paper / boxes / bubble wrap. See below the pictures and videos how we pack our clients belongings professionally.

You can add packing to your move for free! We will supply all materials and boxes.

Below we explain how we pack our boxes in steps 

1) First create balls of paper at the bottom of your box we call this making a layer.

 2) Roll your dishes in the paper and put them upright in the box.(Use heavier dishes for the bottom)

3) Create another protective layer of paper balls and then a flat sheet of paper to finish off your box.

4) Repeat this process if you have extra room in the box to fit more glass in. (Use light dishes for the top layer and then make sure you put your top protective layer at the top.