Long Distance Moving Services

Every day, more people and businesses want to have their belonging relocated. However, doing so on your own comes with a lot of effort, time and it may be boring. Just adding trouble and stress to your busy day.

Instead, you can do what many other businesses and people are doing: embracing the comfort that comes with trusting professional moving companies like ShirtlessMovers.com that serve Phoenix Arizona, Tampa Bay and Minneapolis Minnesota and that can be hired online with all the comfort you deserve.

Premium Moving Services
1.By trusting the pros you can have access to an efficient, fast and fun service. No more worrying about your items getting broken or damaged in any way. Professional movers will always make sure your items are plastic wrapped, protected with blankets and transported with the utmost care. They are also very outgoing and fun to be around; being able to provide you a memorable experience for the best reasons. We will do option A furniture wrapping style on all your furniture and glass.

2.But wait, there is more: our movers will make sure to dissemble/reassemble beds without charging for it. We believe in a full service. That complete service is the one we want to provide you; exactly what you deserve without having to pay more for it.

3.Flate Rate Prices - includes full service , option A furniture wrapping style top to bottom including under the furniture with blankets. You get FREE boxes and paper and packing services plus we'll load and unload your furniture and assemble and dissemble your furniture. Our prices never change once we set them and sign the bill of lading. The average interstate move is $4k-$7.5k. We can take your car for free as well!

Our Guarantee 
Even in the unlikely event any items get damaged, our professionals will assume all the responsibility and the move will be on us if we don't cover the damages.

Beat The Competition By 10%
We charge relatively less when it comes to other companies in the industry, with affordable prices and promotions like an exclusive 10% off from your current invoice. It’s simple, fast and we will save you money in the process! Enjoy our professional long distance moving services while having fun with our new concept and getting access to a full service that aims to provide you fun moments while the moving occurs. That way you can relax, knowing everything is being handled by professionals.

Thanks to our innovative service model, we give you the chance to choose shirts on or shirts off while our professional movers handle all the hard work; raising the bar of customer service to a brand new standard.

If you are a practical person who is looking for an affordable, professional and fun experience, this is the perfect service for your out of state move. Give us a call for a free estimate 1-844-301-MOVE!