Shirtless Movers history

Our Story

One day there was a creative man named Jordan Kavoosi who wanted to create a fit but fun business. He loved working out so he researched a industry that would always be around and that’s moving! After doing heavy research he concluded the moving industry needed him to desperately spice it up. By adding a fun factor to a stressful and sometimes over exhausting event like moving the Shirtless Movers have really filled this gap.

Then, while doing a move job in Arizona Jordan ran into a creative motivated entrepreneur Nico Cusimano who used his modeling and business experience to bring more value and customer service to the company. After having lunch together at Hooters, “Shirtless Movers favorite restaurant” both of them decided that they needed to take their shirts off more.

Our company is based off 3 things Fun – Value – Customer Service.

Jordan to the left, Nico on the right.