Residential Moving Services

Our simple hourly rates , whether moving around the Phoenix Arizona areas or Tampa FL and Minneapolis Minnesota areas we can assist you! We price our services based on truck loads. All orders come with a accurate estimate with no hidden fees. 

ShirtlessMovers is a different company with a new concept that will change the way you see this activity. If you are at Phoenix and Tampa Bay and Minnesota areas, YOU too can have full access to our moving services. We provide residential moving services, office moving and also junk removal services. Leaving no stone unturned to provide you the best services.

Furniture Wrapping Styles Explained

The first thing we do when we arrive is we ask you how you want your furniture wrapped, option A is we do a full wrap top to bottom even under the furniture with blankets inside the property. Option B is a partial wrap top and the side of the furniture inside your property, and option C which is the fastest we simply move your furniture in our truck with no blankets then once inside our truck we throw a blanket over it. Any furniture has to have a blanket over it when it goes in our trucks.

Anything with glass must be wrapped inside the property with blankets.

Option A Wrapping Style (Full Wrap Including Under The Item With Blankets)

Option B Wrapping Sytle (Around and top of the furniture with blankets)

Option C Wrapping Style ( Simply put furniture in the truck then throw blanket over it)

The Equipment
You don’t have to worry about nothing. No matter what you have to move, our professionals are ready to do it, equipped with all the necessary material:
  • Moving Straps: An essential equipment for professional movers. Making all the process easier and providing maximum stability for your furniture. These moving straps also hook to the truck, allowing even more functionality. The Shoulder Harness can hold 700lbs and make the heaviest item the easiest. You can use the shoulder harness for pianos, heavy dressers, granite pieces, and heavy bulky gym equipment. Every truck has 1 shoulder harness equipment with it.
  • Dollies: Heavy couches and fridges can be a true nightmare. Well… not when you have the right equipment like dollies who make all the process flow easier and faster. Every truck has 2 stand up dollies, and 2 floor dollies.
  • Plastic Wrap: We know every single piece of furniture is important for you. That’s why we also use plastic wrap for the corners and to hold blankets around your furniture as well as other valuable goods like paintings. Assuring complete protection and zero damage.

  • Rubber Bands: faster then using plastic wrap! The great reusable items make your move super fast and hold the blankets around your furniture. Rubber bands are eco friendly as well. All of our trucks have 60 rubber bands to use, the tan small ones and the red larger bands.

But wait. Did we mention that all this is included in EVERY move for FREE? No extra or hidden fees, but our nice movers will surely appreciate a tip.
The Movers
You will be glad to meet each and every one of these guys. They are nice, outgoing and, above all, professional. With sculptural bodies that show physical skills, our movers are able to handle any piece of furniture. Providing a fast service, allowing you to just relax and watch while they make all your worries fade away moving all your furniture. Saving you time and effort. Our movers are the perfect combination of a professional service, friendliness and an aesthetic experience pleasing to the eye.
The Service
Our vision is to combine a professional moving service with a fun concept. A concept that could set us apart from others. It all started some time ago, after brainstorming about what we could do to stand out from the crowd. Suddenly in a tone of joke the idea of “shirtless movers” came up. That was the time when a new brand was born:!
Now, our clients can choose when they want our movers to take their shirts off. Revealing their physical attributes and breaking the boredom of the classic moving company.
Get More - Pay Less
Yes, we defy the industry, adding fun and an aesthetical factor to the moving process. However, doesn’t that mean you have to pay more for that? Absolutely not! We offer you more for less. Our services are half of the price when compared to industry’s standard.
We serve a large number of clients in the Phoenix and Tampa Bay areas. Are you looking for a moving company at those areas? Do you want to get more and pay less while embracing a new concept in the industry? Just give us a call and we will be there. Join dozens of satisfied clients that already embraces this new experience!

How We Load Our Trucks


Break Down Step By Step How To Load A Truck Using Our Diagrams
High Stack All Way To Door - Explained

1.We always start with Boxes first once all the boxes loaded up 


2.Then throw one of our mattresses up against all the boxes.


3.Start prepping all the furniture and glass by wrapping them with moving blankets and then plastic wrap or using rubber bands or tape to hold the blankets if customer chooses option B or a if Customer Chooses option C then just prep the glass. If customer has a huge table try to dissemble that.


4.Start grabbing all the biggest furniture next, always put couches upright if it's the truck is tall enough if not lay the couch down back against the mattress heals down on ground like normal. Most of the biggest furniture you want to put upright in the truck for section 4. 


5.Next once you get all the biggest furniture in the truck grab the medium furniture and stack that on top of the big furniture if there is no room on top of the furniture then start stacking the medium size furniture in front of the biggest furniture and create another wall of furniture like section 6 shows in the loading diagram.


6.Once all medium size furniture is in start filling the top gap with fragile furniture or non-stackable items like lamps or chairs or glass.


7.Throw a mattress up for section 7 and grab the most fragile piece of furniture or valuable item and put that in section 9 on the loading chart.


8.Put the mattress up so the fragile items are protected front and back with mattresses in section 9 on the loading truck diagrams.


9.Grab all the chairs non-stackable items heaviest on the bottom light on top put those in section 11.

10.Grab all the outdoor furniture grills patio stuff put in section 12.

11.Then grab the easy pack. You can throw anything non-stack or fragile in the easy pack last.


Overall you want heavy stuff on the bottom lighter furniture on top.