Junk Removal Services In Phoenix Arizona | Minneapolis Minnesota

We have 1 simple flat rate, we charge per truck load unlimited time and miles. Please call 1-844-301-MOVE or email support@shirtlessmovers.com for a estimate. 

Apart from offering residential moving and office moving services in Phoenix and Tampa Bay areas Minneapolis Minnesota, ShirtlessMovers also offers junk removal services. Allowing you to get rid of junk in a matter of minutes!
Old electronics, heavy furniture and so on are no match for our movers. You name it and our dedicated professionals will get the job done for you. All that for half of the price you would usually find in the market and with extra fun with our new concept: Shirts On / Shirts Off.
A Unique Service
Our company is constantly searching for new ways that can set us apart from our competition. New ways that allow us to better serve our clients. Mindset that we always bear I mind while performing our services.
With an innovative concept, affordability, and a trustworthy service, ShirtlessMovers became a brand unlike any other you will find:
  • Innovative Concept: During our quest to change the moving industry and set us apart from the competition, we decided to implement a fun factor included in our services.
That’s why we give our clients the possibility to have our movers work with their shirts on or off. You have the power to choose. Apart from that, they are also very outgoing and offer an exceptional experience coupled with professionalism.
  • Affordability: We strive to not only provide the best services, but also to offer more to our clients. But we don’t think they should pay more for that. We don’t think you should pay more for that. That’s why we charge half of the average in the industry. Offering you more for less.
  • Trustworthy Service: Lack of professionalism, sloppy service and hidden fees are matters that don’t have room in our company. We provide a trustworthy service that dozens and dozens of clients have used over and over again. Reporting complete satisfaction.
How Does it Work?
If you are looking for a moving company in Phoenix and Tampa Bay areas, then ShirtlessMovers is here to serve you. You just need to get in touch with us and schedule the junk removal / moving. Then our dedicated professionals will take care of everything. You just need to relax and enjoy a professional service.
You don’t need to worry about the equipment. Our movers will carry all the necessary gear to perform an efficient service, with no hidden fees.
We believe that a full service should never equal extra fees.
At the moment they arrive you can choose between the options of shirts on or shirts off. And you can just relax and see how our professional and nice movers work to get rid of all the stuff that has been bothering your or days or even months! Having, at the same time, some fun with this new laidback concept that adds some new energy to this industry. And that, after all, serves as inspiration to our name.
After all the junk that has been tormenting clients for months is removed, some materials (suitable ones) will be donated to Goodwill contributing to social responsibility issues. Need junk removal services? Don’t lose one more second, our movers can get rid of it in a matter of minutes offering you professionalism and moments of enjoyment.