Office Moving Services In Phoenix AZ and Minneapolis MN

Among our services we also provide office moving. ShirtlessMovers serves Phoenix and Tampa Bay areas; if you are searching for a moving company in those places, we are the right fit for you!
We combine affordability, efficiency, professionalism and a new concept that adds extra fun to the industry and the service itself, we are ready to serve all our customers in an innovative way: Giving you the opportunity to decide if the movers will be doing their job with shirts on or no shirts. The decision is all yours…
No More Hassles!
Moving can be the source of a lot of hassles. What company to choose? Will they do their job right? Will all the furniture be moved properly?
These are some of the most popular concerns that may be affecting you right now. ShirtlessMovers can make them all go away. Rest assured knowing that we offer a reliable service that is, at the same time, fun and affordable. But wait that’s not all: You can expect to pay 50% LESS than the average in the industry!
We will take care of everything. From the first minute until the very last; using all the necessary equipment, making sure that your belongings are moved properly with all the care they deserve, and also assuring that you spend quality time seeing our fun concept of Shirts On / Shirts Off being put into practice
Our Movers
Professional, fit and nice. They won’t just get the job done in time. They will also provide you some fun moments while all your belongings are being moved according to your instructions and your worries fade away.
Rely on a team of outgoing professionals with a solid and very positive record of satisfied clients. Movers that have done countless successful moving operations for a vast array of clients.
Our Service
A mix of fun, professionalism and friendliness.
We believe in innovation and that is why our new concept came up. While our movers are working, you can opt for Shirts On or Shirts Off, which means that they will remove their shirts and work with their upper body exposed, providing an appealing experience and adding a little extra fun to the service.
No More Boredom!
We want to change the way you see and experience our services. A moving service doesn’t have to be boring. We are here to prove it!
Relying not only on a professional service, but also on the fun side of it, we allow you to choose between “Shirts On” or “Shirts Off” while having your moving problems solved and charging an average of 50% less than what you would normally pay across the industry.
Forget the hassles, forget the bad experiences of the past, forget the high prices. ShirtlessMovers is different. Embracing a new concept, a new strategy, a new motto. We want to provide you more. Not wanting to only meet your expectations, but yes to exceed them. We are not a regular moving company; we provide more not making our services more expensive for that.
Looking for a fun and professional company that really gets the job done in a nice atmosphere? Then ShirtlessMovers is the way to go!