Best 3 Saint Paul Piano Moving Comapnies

The capital of Minnesota, Saint Paul which has an estimated population of more than 300,800 people also has a large number of people who own pianos either for their own personal entertainment or for commercial reasons. Pianos, the large musical instruments are delicate and deserve proper care when they want to be moved from one point to another. Most people require an expert handler company that will move the pianos from one place to another without destroying them for they may be antiques. In Saint Paul there are few companies that offer expert piano moving solutions at cost effective pries with a professional touch. Although a piano is large and may appear as if it is not easily destroyed, the parts that it is constituted of are fragile and are easily destroyed if not taken care of expertly. The article will go ahead and highlight three moving companies that have professionally trained personnel that will make your piano moving experience stress free in Saint Paul.

Fisher Transfer

Address: 1090E Jessamine Ave,

St Paul, MN 55106

Contact: +1 651-774-2259



One of the best piano movers in Saint Paul city is the Fisher transfer company which have a highly experienced professional labour force that help you move pianos from one point to another at cost effective prices. The company values the customer and know that some of the pianos that people own may be irreplaceable that’s why their experts are trained to handle them with care. The company which offers more than 70 years of experience can be trusted to be able to move the instruments without damaging them from Saint Paul to any other city or destination in the state of Minnesota.

Manny’s Piano moving, Inc.


8236 Arthur St NE,

Minneapolis, MN 55432,

Contact: +1 612-529-4268


The other company that offer professional piano moving experience is the Manny’s piano moving company which can be dated back to 1983, since then it has grown to become one of the most sought after piano movers in Minnesota. The company has a strong core value where they put customer satisfaction first; the company is able to provide an extra day at no extra cost if the items were not moved during the specified days. The company which has more than 50 years’ experience in moving pianos in the state of Minnesota has a dedicated highly trained team to handle all the valuable items expertly. The company is also fully bonded, licensed and has an active insurance policy so as to cover any risk that might occur when handling the client’s goods.

Shirtless Movers


519 7th St,

Farmington, MN


Contact: +1 8440-301-MOVE

The other top-notch piano moving company that is available at Saint Paul city is the Shirtless Movers. The company offers free moving estimates and a free truck for every job they conduct. The company also slashes 25% of the moving fee for new customers who want their pianos handled by their experts. The company is highly sought after and has expanded their services to the state of Minnesota. Their experts in piano moving are able to piano wrap to ensure maximum protection which ensures they do not face any breakages or scratches. It is among the best companies at it will offer efficient moving solutions at unbeatable prices whilst offering offers that will ensure any client will get their money’s worth of service.


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