Minneapolis Minnesota History and Facts

When you list the major cities across our wonderful United States, the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are often listed together as an economic hub for the Midwest. Many companies consider them indivisible from each other, simply because they are so close to one another. However, at Shirtless Movers, we have found many things that we’ve come to love about the wonderful city of Minneapolis. It is more than just a part of something bigger. Here are five things that we at Shirtless Movers love about Minneapolis.

The Mall of America in Bloomington, whilst not the biggest mall in the country by area, does have the highest number of stores in one mall in the entire United States

The Mall of America brings in enormous amounts of tourist and consumer money into Minneapolis. With over 520 stores in the constantly-shifting mall, there is always a moving or packing job going on inside. At Shirtless Movers, we love that such a consumer haven can be serviced by companies such as ours.

Approximately 10 000 cyclists use Minneapolis’ network of bike lanes every day

Many companies that utilize large trucks bemoan cyclists as a pest that can cause a job to be delayed. At Shirtless Movers, we commend the city of Minneapolis for establishing a large-scale, functional network of bike lanes to make the roads a faster, safer place for everyone that uses them. It’s no wonder Minneapolis has been rated as the most cyclist-friendly city in America.

Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs are home to 12 Fortune 500 companies

Our nation’s economy is driven forward by industries of all sizes. At Shirtless Movers, we pride ourselves in being up to any moving challenge, no matter how big or small. With 12 Fortune 500 companies in Minneapolis, we are no stranger to moving large, valuable goods reliably and rapidly.

Target has its headquarters in Minneapolis

As one of the most well-known commercial brands in America, Target’s selection of Minneapolis for their base of operations shows the viability of Minneapolis as an economic hub. Target’s countrywide distribution network is managed from their headquarters in the city. This means that there is never a shortage of moving or packing in Minneapolis, and Shirtless Movers is always ready to play our part in this thriving metropolis.

Minneapolis is rated as having the best parks in the entire United States

Over 5000 acres of the city is devoted to the beauty of nature. This shows that whilst Minneapolis is a thriving city filled with constant change and growth, the city is aware of the need to take time to commune with nature. At Shirtless Movers, we practice a responsible, sustainable trade, and we are happy to do so in a city that is so clearly in tune with the Earth.

Minneapolis is a city that many people may overlook as just another urban hub. However, between being the headquarters for Target, housing 12 Fortune 500 companies, curating the highest-rated parks in the country, ensuring the safety of around 10 000 cyclists per day, and maintaining the Mall of America, there is far more to Minneapolis than you first believe. At Shirtless Movers, we are proud to ply our trade in this great city at the heart of the Midwest.

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