Moving Industry Will Never be the Same in Saint Paul

With a population of more than 297,640, St. Paul is not only the capital of Minnesota, but also its second largest city and a place full of life, beautiful housing and business opportunities. It was ranked in different years and by different institutions like the Financial Times, the ESPN Magazine among others, as one of the best cities when it comes to quality of life, friendliness and business. It’s a triple combination that is very appealing.

Being a populous city full of friendly people, quality of life and thriving businesses it is very likely that the search for a long distance moving company is required hundreds of times. Whether it is in a domestic or business setting, some prefer to relocate by dedicating a couple of hard work hours moving heavy goods from one place to another and transporting them as well, others prefer to leave that task for the pros and let their experience result in a great moving service.

ShirtlessMovers is an innovative company and, as you can see by their creative name, they are unlike any other you’ve come across in the past. They are proud to defy the industry and offer their services in St. Paul, that way you too can join the experience many other satisfied clients have tried – An experience that promotes fun while offering great prices and an incredible service.

Let the professionals do the hard work for you, with the right equipment and the professionalism you want and deserve. Avoid all the trouble and hard work when it comes to a moving service and simply enjoy while these experienced movers handle everything for you.


No More Worries:

Glass, furniture and appliances are protected with moving blankets and plastic wrapped to provide all your goods extra security. The transport process if also very smooth, with using the right trucks and moving tools to assure that all your goods arrive intact to your desired location.

When you search for a professional moving service you will usually find hidden fees in exchange for services that thinks should be part of a full premium service. A great example of that is that these movers will make sure to dissemble and reassemble beds for free – no hidden fees for extra services that should be included in the offer! A little extra touch that can make all the difference when it comes to a great moving experience.

ShirtlessMovers is here to promote a fun moving experience with a new concept that has been catching the attention of many happy clients and innovating the way moving services are performed.

Thanks to the “Shirts On/Off” mode clients can choose whether or not they want these hot movers to work with their shirts on or off. This creative concept is perfect to add an extra factor of fun and was the inspiration for the company’s names creating a perfect blend between professional moving services and a lot of fun.

It has never been so easy, affordable and rewarding to have access to a long distance moving service. The moving industry in St. Paul will never be the same again with focusing on blending a premium moving service with a fun concept. That way clients can have fun, relax and let go of all the stress and worries that they have been accumulating, letting the pros do all the hard work.

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