Top 3 Edina Moving Companies

Edina City is located in Hennepin County, Minnesota. In the 1800s, it began as a small farming and milling community.Today, it is an upscale suburb with golf courses, an aquatic park,manyopen spaces and playgrounds.


Edina has a thriving social life having neighborhood associations which are recognized by the local government and these groups are given special benefits by the city such as receiving awards or allowing the organizations to use city spaces free of charge for events. These associations are as follows:

Adopt-a-Park -As mentioned, parks in Edina are highly prized so volunteers and organizations keep watch over the quality and state of neighborhood parks.

Crime Prevention – Neighbors Home Watch and Night to Unite, togetherwith the Edina Police officers, are organizations that work towards a crime-free city.

Night to Unite – This is a special event which brings together the Night to Unite groups from various states. Sometimes members of the police or fire departments are invited to share some ideas to prevent crime.

Master Water Stewards – This group pays special attention to environmental efforts towards controlling pollution and somehow in the process allow water to seep into the ground before reaching the sewers.

These organization and associations are among the reasons why families tend to flock towards Edina.


In Time’s Money Magazine, Edina, Minnesota ranked 15 out of 50 Best Places to Live in 2015. With its great schools, business-friendly environment and many social events, this upmarket community is surely a desirable place to reside.


According to the United States Census Bureau, city population estimates in 2010 were 47,940 and by 2015, the population rose to 50,138. That is almost a 4.5% increase in the population in 5 years’ time. Housing units in 2010 were 22,560 and between 2010 to 2014, a percentage of 73.1% was noted by the US Census, indicating the rate in owner-occupied homes.


Buying a home and living in it means that, more often than not, one is here to stay. While it is nice and even exciting to move homes, it is always a burden. But with the right moving company, transferring from one location to another will be a breeze.


Below are the top 3 movers that serve the city of Edina:

  1. The Move Crew

Address:             5200 Willson Road, Suite 150, Edina, MN 55424

Contact No.:       (612) 361-6787

Description:       They serve residential and commercial needs throughout Minnesota. They also offer long-haul packing/moving services.


  1. You Move Me

Address:              1209 Tyler St NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413

Contact No.:       (866) 893-5607 or (1-800) 926-3900

Description:          You Move Me claims that they take care of your stuff as if they were their own and to top it off, they will leave you feeling really happy you hired them.


  1. Quality Moving & Storage, Inc.

Address:              4545 W 77th Street, Suite #2, Edina, MN 55435

Contact No.:       (952) 831-6755

Description:        A family-owned company, run by a father and son team, they provide packing, moving, as well as storage solutions to their customers.


Whatever reason you have for moving to the very enticing city of Edina, it is a good idea to keep in mind these 3 movers: The Move Crew, You Move Me, and Quality Moving & Storage, Inc. These 3 companies will do their very best to make sure your personal belongings reach your new home in Edina safely and damage-free.


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