Top 3 Lake Minnetonka Moving Companies

24 kilometers away from Minneapolis, Minnesota lies an inland lake which is known to be Minnesota’s ninth largest lake and is among the most popular among fishermen, boatmen, and recreation enthusiasts. In the 1700s, Lake Minnetonka was frequented by people who would hunt, fish, and collect maple syrup. By the 1800s, more people travelled to the lakeside towns, building houses and boarding houses. Soon, it was known as a resort town, where hotels with 400 guest rooms would be filled with visitors hailing from places such as Texas and Tennessee.

Today, Lake Minnetonka is still a favorite among boatmen, but instead of steamboats, sailboats and speedboats of all shapes and sizes now inhabit its waters. It is still a favored tourist spot, however many people choose to remain and live in this seaside haven. In the winter the lake offers its residents and visitors the unusual experience of ice fishing and in the summer everyone enjoys its beaches, sailing, and recreational parks.

There are several communities surrounding the lake: Deephaven, Excelsior, Long Lake, Minnetonka Beach, Minnetrista, Orono, Shorewood, Spring Park, Tonka Bay, and Wayzata. Communities within 2 miles of the lake include Chanhassen, Plymouth, and Minnetonka.

In 2010, there were 21,901 households and 13,619 families living in the city of Minnetonka. There were 23,294 housing units at an average density of 865.0 per square mile (334.0/km2) and according to the census, 49,734 people lived here. As of 2015, population estimates have risen to 51,669, reflecting about a 4% increase in the population in the last five years.


In a study done by Ms. Maggie Salter last 2012 entitled Design Thinking and Minnetonka’s Future, 56 respondents were asked, “Why did you move to Minnetonka?” (and if they had never moved away, why did they choose to stay). Various answers included: to be closer to aging parents, the high quality of education that is offered in Minnetonka, wanting to get away from the city, its close proximity to their workplace, the sheer beauty of the town, and some said they were fortunate to find reasonably priced homes or condos in great neighborhoods.


Moving is not an easy task to do. Packing in itself is quite difficult, having to sort things to keep, throw away, or donate.   And once you are done choosing which ones to keep, the next task is to make sure that all the things can move with you. This is where reliable and careful movers come into play.


There are at least 3 excellent movers in the city of Minnetonka:

  1. Two Men and a Truck

Address:             5280 West 74thSt.,Edina, MN 55439

Contact No.:       (952)466-6936

Description:       Two Men and a Truck Minneapolis has uniformed, professionally trained movers and packers. And while they do all the heavy lifting, this company gives back to the community by engaging in worthy causes such as “Movers for Moms” where they collected personal care items for moms who were abused or in severe living conditions.

  1. College Muscle Movers

Address:              720 Prior Ave N, St. Paul, MN 55104

Contact No.:       (651) 917-4108 (Local) or(800) 818-8449 (Toll Free)

Description:          College Muscle Movers works by the hour and they pride themselves with working safely and efficiently. They offer moving and packing services in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.


  1. Shirtless Movers

Address:              519 7th St, Farmington, MN 55024, United States

Contact No.:       (626) 274-4648 or (1-844) 301-MOVE

Description:        Shirtless Movers aren’t always shirtless but they are always careful of your things. Furniture are carefully wrapped in plastic or covered with a blanket to ensure the safety of all your prized belongings.


So when you finally decide to take that leap and move to more relaxed, homey and beautiful surroundings, make sure to call any one of the three: Two Men and a Truck, College Muscle Movers, and Shirtless Movers. They are all highly respected companiesthat will make sure all your belongings arrive safe and sound at your new home in Minnetonka.


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