Top 5 Woodbury Moving Companies

Nestled in St. Paul, Minnesota lies the suburb of Woodbury. It is the largest city in the Washington County and it is a part of the Twin Cities. The Twin Cities are called such because of Minnesota’s 2 largest cities which are comprised of Minneapolis and St. Paul, which is the state capital.


In the olden days, Woodbury was actually called Red Rock. However, when Levi Woodbury, the first justice of the Supreme Court to attend law school, saw that there was a place in Minnesota already called Red Rock, the city’s name was changed to Woodbury. It once was a woodland but eventually became farmland and it is nice to note that there are still some 19th century farms that stand to this day.1955 was the year when Woodbury first began its housing developments and commercial expansion.


Because Woodbury is located in St. Paul, there are many attractions around the city. Below are some sites to see:

  1. Indian Mounds Park – Overlooking the Mississippi river, this is an actual pre-historic Indian burial ground which was converted into a park.
  2. Science Museum of Minnesota – This one is not just for the kids. The museum is full of science activities that everyone can participate in. There are interesting exhibits and activity titles such as “Don’t Call Me Monkey” will surely pique one’s interest.
  3. Fitzgerald Theater – Catch a show in one of the oldest active theaters in St. Paul.
  4. Saint Paul RiverCentre – If you’re looking into trying new things, check out the exhibits at the RiverCentre. You just might discover things not commonly seen. Just make sure to check their calendar of events.
  5. Ride a Padelford Riverboat –Why not relive Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn’s adventures while going down the Mississippi river on a riverboat?


With all these activities, it is plain to see why there are so many people who wish to move to Woodbury. This growth is evident when in 2010, the population was 61,961 then in 2015 the population estimates rose to 67,855, almost a 9% increase in just 5 years, making it Minnesota’s ninth largest city.


To help you plan your move to one of the most exciting cities in Minnesota, here are 4 reliable movers to call:


  1. AAA Movers

Address:             5512 Lakeland Ave N, Crystal, MN 55429

Contact No.:       (651) 212-4333

Description:       This company would like you to experience the AAA advantage with their reliable service, they work on Saturdays, they have no hidden fees, and they guarantee satisfaction.


  1. City Moving and Storage

Address:              15220 Germanium Street NW, Ramsey, MN 55303

Contact No.:       (612) 616-2888

Description:          City Moving and Storage has 25 years’ experience in the industry of moving and with the additional service of storage, their service is complete. They promise to treat your belonging as their own.


  1. Local Motion

Address:              9230 Xylon Ave N, Brooklyn Park, MN 55445

Contact No.:       (612) 929-6683

Description:        Local Motion has been a trusted mover in the Twin Cities since 1994. The business was started by a student who used to play with a band as a part-time job. His hand broke and he couldn’t play music anymore so he used his band’s truck to help people move. Later he saw his business grow and it is now a success with 24 trucks and over 100 employees.


  1. Right Choice Movers

Address:              9300 52nd Ave. N, New Hope, MN 55428

Contact No.:       (612) 294-6683

Description:        This mover works from Monday to Sunday, 8am to 11pm. They show a lot of dedication to their work and they follow the schedule of the client.


Woodbury is certainly a lovely place to visit but it would also be a great city to live in. Should you feel the urge to change things up and move to Woodbury, remember to call any of these three movers: AAA Movers, City Moving and Storage, Local Motion, and Right Choice Movers. They each have qualities that drive them to excel in what they do and you will be sure that your belongings will be in good hands.





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