Top 5 moving companies in Minneapolis

In a previous post about Minneapolis, Minnesota, we listed some of the things that we at Shirtless Movers love about one of the Twin Cities. We are proud to be responsible for the shifting of life and business throughout the Minneapolis. With over 165 000households and almost 40 000 firms located in Minneapolis area, the city is in a constant state of flux, with moves happening constantly. There are hundreds of movers that operate from and in Minneapolis. At Shirtless Movers, we strive to help you make the most informed choice in your next move. To help you with this, here are details for five of the top movers that operate in Minneapolis, in no particular order.

  1. College Muscle Movers


720 Prior Ave N

Saint Paul, MN


Contact Number: (651) 917-4108


Every aspect of College Muscle is professional, efficient, and friendly. The movers are well-trained college students, hand-picked by their company for their prowess at the skills required in a mover. From the moment that you contact them, you know that you are dealing with a company at the top of the moving game.

  1. You Move Me Minneapolis


1209 Tyler St NE

Minneapolis, MN


Contact Number: 1-800-926-3900


The Minneapolis branch of the well-respected moving chain that is You Move Me, You Move Me Minneapolis exhibits all of the positive qualities that you would expect from a company with a large countrywide presence.

  1. RJ Moving


10044 Flanders Ct NE

Ste 300

Minneapolis, MN


Contact Number: (612) 384-2028


Timeous, friendly, and showing the greatest care for your belongings are qualities that RJ Movers holds in high regard. They arrive on time, stick to estimates, and are willing to accommodate your every need.

  1. Matt’s Moving


416 35th Ave NE

Minneapolis, MN


Contact Number: (651) 796-3736


Matt’s Moving prides themselves in providing high-quality moving services for a competitive price. They will often prove to be the lowest estimate on any moving job, without sacrificing the safety of your goods, speed of the job, or reliability in any way.

  1. Shirtless Movers


519 7th St,

Farmington, MN


Contact Number: +1 844-301-MOVE


Whether you are moving just down the road, across town, or even across the country, Shirtless Movers is the name that you can trust with your prized possessions. Shirtless Movers keep themselves abreast of the latest developments in the moving industry, and are always looking for ways to better themselves. You will not be disappointed in calling Shirtless Movers for your next move.

When you’re looking to move your entire household or business to a new location, finding out who the best movers in the area are is a critical step in the process. It is no good to find movers that are fantastic elsewhere in America, but have a terrible regional presence. The five movers listed above, namely College Muscle Movers, You Move Me Minneapolis, RJ Moving, Matt’s Moving, and Shirtless Movers, are all highly-respected and well-practised movers that operate in Minneapolis. We hope that you use the information provided by us at Shirtless Movers to make the right choice for your exact moving needs. We wish you a quick and stress-free moving experience from one of these five companies!


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