Why Use Moving Blankets

Situated on the scenic banks of the Mississippi River, and with its abundance of sporting venues, architectural attractions and museums, Saint Paul is a great place to live. The capital of Minnesota, with the second largest population of around 300,000, Saint Paul has retained its historic character and is an ideal town for people to make their home. You can picnic on Raspberry Island on the river, visit a restaurant in one of the many colorful neighborhoods, or shop in the Mall Of America, the nation's largest indoor shopping and entertainment centre. Whatever your lifestyle, the town has everything to offer.

Whether you are planning to move here or just relocating within or from the town, you will want a hassle-free move. Shirtless Movers are the number one choice to take the stress out your moving day. Just leave it to us to transport your items professionally and with shirtless style. Coming from afar? We welcome you, with our long-distance moving service at very reasonable rates.

You choose whether we kept our shirts on or off! Whatever your choice, at Shirtless Movers, we have all the best equipment and tools necessary to protect your cherished goods from the stresses and strains of moving. You need not fret about possible breakages or damage. We always ensure that your furniture and other items are plastic-wrapped, protected with blankets, and moved with loving care.

Professional, specialist blankets cushion your items against possible knocks while in transit. Though we take the greatest care, it is always best to protect against knocks and scratches. We blanket everything that needs protecting, because at Shirtless Movers we know from experience that there are a number of stages in the moving process where this protection is important.

Across the threshold

Both out of the old and into the new home, that dresser or piano has to be maneuvered carefully through the front door. That's no problem for our muscle-toned, and possibly shirtless, guys, who will have a ball tackling the job. But doorways come in different sizes and the blanket ensures that the unseen edge or sharp corner has no unpleasant surprises for those precious surfaces.

In the truck

All our guys are experts in stowing your stuff and will ensure that every item, big and small, fits and slots neatly into place as it is loaded onto the truck. Movement is minimized with the use of moving straps to keep them firmly in place. Our blankets ensure that each and every item is shielded from the pressures of its neighbors; above, below and on all sides. So each precious piece of furniture comes off the truck as it went on - pristine and ready for your new home.

The staircase

Traditionally a challenge - but not for our guys who know exactly how to negotiate that challenging banister and that corner at the foot of the stairs, bareback if that is your wish! We have dollies and straps to assist as necessary. And again, that blanket ensures no nasty surprises for those shiny surfaces and those tender fabrics.


Some items may have to wait their turn and sit in the driveway before getting into your new home. Gravel can act like sandpaper on those shiny surfaces. Our blankets ensure that it does not get a chance!

Full protection, all the way. Your furniture and belongings will arrive safely, scratch-free and no worse for their experience.


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