Downtown AZ Moving Company is Creating a Buzz in the Industry

If you haven’t heard of yet, then you are missing out on a great opportunity to have a moving service done with a lot of fun and in a very affordable way! This new company created a different moving concept that will allow clients to have extra fun, have access to flat rates and the best professionals and equipment as well. Thanks to their creative and catchy approach it has become the preference of many satisfied clients when there is a moving service that needs to be completed.

The Rates: ShirtlessMovers doesn’t believe in unstable prices. It doesn’t believe in charging hourly or not telling the client the exact rate of the moving. You, as the client need to know exactly how much you are going to pay. That’s why this creative moving company doesn’t charge per hour, instead, they charge per truck, which means that you will be able to relax without having to worry about the time, knowing exactly how much you are going to pay.

The Movers: These guys possess sculptured bodies with toned muscles that show how strong and efficient they are during the moving service, also providing a pleasing experience to the eye while observing them packing and/or moving. But there is more to these movers than what meets the eye. They are highly professional and really fun to be around. They will make sure to take good care of all your belongings, using all the necessary precautions to make sure they arrive intact to your desired location. They are also very friendly and there will always be fun when they are around doing what they do best!

The Equipment: Trucks that can handle any load size, plastic wraps, moving blankets and so on, are just some of the elements present in the specialized moving equipment of ShirtlessMovers in order to make sure that the moving occurs in an efficient and safe way.

The Concept: Creativity is the center of this new moving company that has been creating a buzz in the industry. Clients can opt between the “Shirts On” and “Shirts Off” modes. Choosing if they want these attractive movers to add a more aesthetic and enjoyable element to the task by taking their shirts off and revealing their upper body while working. It’s fun and will definitely bring some enjoyment to the moving.

Thanks to their fun approach, professional personnel and flat rates, has become the preference of many happy clients which include the known Crescent Ball Room located at 308 N 2nd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003, it can be contacted at (602) 716-2222. Crescent Ball Room is a successful music venue with the capacity of about 550 people that organizes multiple events involving music, shows, parties and so forth. ShirtlessMovers is their favorite choice when it comes to helping them setting up their events and parties.

This creative moving company serves downtown Phoenix AZ areas, assisting in the organization of events and parties, helping offices move and pack to their desired locations and so forth. You can be the next satisfied client, trying out this innovative approach that will change the way you see the moving industry. You will surely look forward to the next moving once you try it out!

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