Burnsville MN Long Distance Movers


A New Way to Offer Long Distance Moving in Burnsville


With a population of more than 61,434 people, 25,759 housing units and more than 6,500 registered firms, Burnsville is a city full of dynamic, especially when it comes to long distance moving, with thousands of people and businesses needing to relocate their belongings. Now, there is a new way to offer moving services in Burnsville: with the perfect blend of fun, creativity, affordability and professionalism.


Where Fun Meets Excellence

ShirtlessMovers is a professional moving company offering its services to a wide range of satisfied clients that already had the opportunity to experience the innovative approach of this long distance moving company.

As the name indicates, ShirtlessMovers was born to defy the moving industry and all it has to offer in terms of professionalism, service, personnel and price. All that combined with a creative fun concept that gives an extra spark to the whole moving experience and allows the clients to have more control in the moving process.

The concept is very simple: clients can choose whether or not these athletic movers should work with their shirts on or off. It is all up to the clients and fun is always assured with these outgoing professionals.


ShirtlessMovers: Let the Pros Handle Everything for You!

These movers do not only have a great physique and nice personality, they are also experienced professionals that possess the right equipment and know exactly what to do in order to make sure your goods arrive to your desired location exactly how they left. Avoid unwanted surprises.

Instead of spending hours sweating and moving all your belongings wishing it can all be over soon, let the pros handle everything for you while you relax, have fun and let your worries slowly fade away.


A True Premium Service

ShirtlessMovers.com prides itself for offering not only an innovative service, but also for offering a service that you can truly call ‘premium’.

These movers will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied. They will make sure glass, furniture and electronics are plastic wrapped and protected with moving blankets to avoid any damage; they will use the right moving equipment and truck to transport your goods in the most efficient and safe way.

They will also make sure small details are taken care of, such as disassembling and reassembling beds for free and make sure that in the unlikely case any good is gets damaged, they will cover the costs.


Join Many Other Clients Now!

The way moving services are performed in Burnsville was changed with this innovative and professional service that hundreds of clients have already experienced. Now, it is your turn to try this creative service and be impressed by how professional, effective and outgoing these movers are.

They will transform a previously dull and hard moving service into a great time full of fun. ShirtlessMovers.com offers its services to multiple clients: relocating companies and offering residential moving services. If you need a long distance moving company in Burnsville this is definitely the right company for you!

Don’t lose the opportunity to have more fun, more professionalism, and more excellence for a very affordable price. ShirtlessMovers.com is here to make sure you are satisfied with their service. A mission that began with the creation of its name; inspired by a new fun concept to defy the way moving services are done.

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