How To Keep Belongings from Not Breaking


Moving from house to house has always brought out the same lasting attitude toward moving once I am completely moved in and that is that I don’t ever want to move again. Transferring all of your belongings from one house to another presents many issues from packing to loading and unloading the truck to breaking items from improper packing or even realizing that you have too many things. One of the worst for most people is breaking an item that has sentimental value or even that item you can’t live without. Preventing breakage of items during a move can be achieved through the use of moving blankets, plastic wrap once in the moving truck and wrapping glass items with blankets. These three processes are discussed further below.

Moving Blankets Pre-Move

While moving blankets are only thought to be used once your furniture is in the truck and needs protection, there is actually more uses for these types of blankets. Moving Blankets should be added to the furniture before the furniture is moved out of the house to prevent any damage to the furniture when the furniture is moved to the truck and to prevent housing damage when moving the furniture. With moving there tends to be accidents more often than not with damaging walls in the house and the moving blanket can lessen or prevent this damage all together. Another useful attribute to moving blankets is using them to protect the floors when moving. Furniture can slide much easier when a moving blanket is put down on the floor and they can prevent floor damage.

Moving Trucks and Moving Blankets

As many people have experienced when loading a moving truck the use of moving blankets is essential to prevent damage from furniture and other items crashing into each other. During the loading of a moving truck placing and wrapping furniture with moving blankets prevents such issues as scratches, scrapes and overall broken items during loading and driving to the new home. Additionally, the use of plastic wrap over the moving blanket ensures that the moving blanket stays in place to keep your furniture safe. On the subject of safety, when moving furniture that is wrapped in both a moving blanket and plastic wrap a safe way to move such item is to utilize a shoulder harness. Home Depot lists shoulder harnesses at $49.99 and they can move up to 800 pounds providing safety and security in knowing you can move almost any piece of furniture that you need to.

Glass Items a Must

Now you may be an expert mover and think you can pack your moving truck with ease and do not require any assistance or help with packing your furniture using moving blankets. But you would be sorely mistaken, the use of moving blankets is important to protect regular furniture but a must when you take into consideration your glass items. Glass items will break the easiest and should be handled with the most care. Wrapping glass items individually with moving blankets can prevent damage and save the glass items. Due to the nature of the unknown accidents with moving, wrapping your glass items will save your most prized possessions that are glass. Failure to wrap glass items in moving blankets will assuredly lead to broken items and unhappy movers.

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