How To Use Moving Rubber Bands


Plastics and blanket are musty used in wrapping moving furniture. However, this wrapping is not complete unless that wrapping material holds onto the furniture firmly. Therefore, we find the need of Rubber Bands in the wrapping process. In the market, you will find them as pallet bands, mover bands, and oversized rubber bands.

Best uses for rubber bands are to hold the moving plastics to furniture. Rubber bands are great to use for smaller furniture and glass and picture frames, lamps and among others. You can use the rubber bands to tie knots to hold the blankets to small fragile items like lamps. The elasticity of the rubber bands makes it easy to establish a firm grip.

The cost of rubber bands is unbelievably cheap- you can get one rubber band for only a dollar. These super cheap rubber bands take seconds to wrap blankets on furniture. Using tape is uneconomical since it gets wasted after use, but the rubber bands can be used from time to time until they get damaged. Therefore, it is a preferable alternative to custom-fit covers or plastic stretch wrap.

When buying rubber bands, you will discover the wide range of color and sizes (they range from 25” to 42” – when laid flat unstretched) that are available. These rubber bands, when stretched, they can extend to well over twice their un-stretched normal length. You can buy them in the pack and still you will not feel a pinch.

How to use the rubber band:

  1. You can place the blanket or plastic bag on top of the furniture you are moving- some furniture would require wrapping from the bottom.
  2. You can now use the reasonable number of rubber bands that can attach the wrapping material to the furniture.
  3. You need to determine the right size of rubber band so that it does not squeeze the furniture when the tension is applied
  4. Make sure that the periphery of the base side of the furniture has a rubber band to reduce unnecessary exposure.



  • Super easy to use and faster when wrapping with plastic
  • Reusable
  • Cheap when bought in bulk
  • They make gripping and lifting easy
  • They have a small contribution to waste


  • Tear
  • Not good for larger furniture

They are used to hold furniture like:

  • Cabinets
  • Dressers
  • Chests
  • Glass tabletops
  • Sofa sets

Chairs, tables, sofas and other appliances come in different sizes, hence, it is important to determine if you are going to use Big rubber bands (25”) , Large rubber bands (30”), Extra Large sized mover rubber bands ( 36”) or Oversized rubber bands (42”). That is the reason why the rubber bands should be sized up prevent them from leaving impressions.

They can be used during winter to secure patio furniture and elements that ought to be covered during harsh weathers. For a residential purpose, you can use the rubber bands to cover components that are no longer in use. It is easy to unwrap since you only need to stretch further the rubber band for your furniture to be free.

Where Can You Buy Them:

You can buy the mover bands or rubber bands at each at a cost of $1.00. If you are lucky to find combo packs then you can save enough money to buy other moving supplies and tools.

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