How To Use Plastic Wrap


One of the top most priority when moving items is that your furniture should be carefully and correctly wrapped. To achieve this, it is best to use plastic wrap to tie it down to the piece of furniture or have someone hold it for you while you wrap the furniture. Most moving companies use pads or blankets to cover the furniture before wrapping with a plastic wrap.

The importance of using a plastic wrap is to prevent your furniture from nicks and dirt. However, you cannot prevent scratches by using plastic wrap alone, you will have to use a blanket over your furniture before applying a plastic wrap. You will require a nice and tight wrap. To get that tight feel of plastic wrap, go around the item and stop when you reach ¾ of the way around it, hold it and finish the round as you tighten the plastic wrap.

Plastic wrap works great on larger furniture. For smaller furniture, I would prefer using a blanket over it for example when wrapping lamps and then create a rope line with the plastic wrap and tie a knot around the item. I believe this is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to wrap smaller moving items.

How to Use Plastic Wrap on a Bigger Couch

When wrapping bigger couches:

  • Put the couch upright in the air (horizontal) on its side
  • Throw a blanket over the side you are going to wrap with plastic
  • Have someone to hold the blanket over the middle and wrap the middle of the couch with plastic wrap
  • Put the couch down in its normal position and flip the other end upright in the air and throw a blanket over and start using your plastic wrap

The reason behind making these flips is so that we can get the ends of the couch fully wrapped since the couch is most likely going to be placed upright in the truck to save space. Plus you will be able to cover the legs of the couch with the moving blankets using this way of wrapping.


  • Holds moving blankets to your items
  • It aims at keeping items clean
  • Can be used to tie knots to hold blankets
  • Can be used by 1 or two people for effective wrapping


  • It is harder to use on plastic wraps on smaller items unless you use the tie knot technique to hold the blankets on smaller items like lamps.

Furniture pads are necessary when you need that extra protection when you are moving a customer’s furniture. In our case, we have used blankets as a padding cloth. Shrink plastic wraps, when used, they increase the effectiveness of the padding material. When the furniture requires storage services, then it offers dust and dirt protection as a secondary benefit. It is also important to provide air flow into the furniture during long hauls to prevent mold from forming.

On the other end, plastic stretch wraps are good for wrapping fabric furniture, cabinets and intricate items. The stretch wrap sticks to itself, therefore, it has no effect on the moving furniture. In addition, it comes with tension handles which make wrapping easier. Plastic wraps should not be placed directly on leather or wooden furniture. They are available at major retailers in various sizes ranging from 15" to 22".

Where To Buy It:

-Ebay!:) $8 a roll or you buy in bulk 8 pack free shipping or you can go to U-haul and pay $16.95 a roll

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