How To Use The Shoulder Harness


Are you trying to lift heavy items in your house or garage? It could be a hard task to do, especially when you only rely on your body weight. For an efficient moving procedure, you can use a shoulder harness that will accelerate the process and prevent any wear or tear. This moving strap works brilliantly on your shoulder and provides total comfort while moving huge objects.

As one of the most effective tools to lift items, shoulder harnesses have been used by professional movers across the globe. They are also known as lifting straps.

How does it work?

The shoulder harness uses your body strength to lift any weight. Thus, when you try to lift a couch, for example, you can use the harness with your pal and move it without any excessive effort.

You and your helper will have to place the straps on your shoulders and under the furniture you are planning to move. The strength relies on your legs as you lift it high. It offers additional leverage against the object that you lift. A shoulder harness helps to prevent injury as you move things up.

Working with your partner in tandem

As you follow the instructions on using the shoulder harness strap, you need to be sure that all paths are cleared. As you attach the straps to your body, you need to make sure you know where the furniture is going to be lifted. Provide extra grip using your shoes so you can avoid slipping. Measuring staircases and doorways before lifting anything would be a good move.

Placing straps across the chest

The strap is placed across your chest and shoulders. You and partner will be helping each other, so everything has to be balanced. The strap is then laid on the floor and connects to you and your partner.

Move the straps under the object and center them to create balance. Each one should be positioned near the edge of the furniture or object. Working in tandem, sync your moves with your partner to avoid any strain in one’s shoulder.

Count the steps out loud so that both of you have rhythmic moves forward or backward. As you bend your knees, you lower down the furniture onto the floor, but your back has to be straight. As you become comfortable with these, you should be able to move any huge items. The shoulder harness has to be adjusted before you wear it and attach it on the item.



Watch the steps!

The metal front of each edge of the harness should be facing the product you are trying to lift.

The X where the back straps connect should be on your mid back, not on your neck, so the weight will go on your legs.

When you go up or down stairs, you want to avoid any slack.

When you are going outside at the same level with no stairs, you only need to lift the object 3 inches off the ground.

When going around corners like in a split level house, these work great since you get more control over the item and can hold the item upright (horizontal) even if it’s 500 lbs.

Benefits :
-Great for larger furniture
Great for piano's, mechanical equipment, compressors, pool tables, tanning beds, heavy matresses, granite pieces


Where To Buy The Shoulder Harness

-U-Haul for just $50.00

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