Lakeville MN Moving Company


When moving to one of the fastest growing cities in the Minneapolis – Saint Paul metropolitan area, you would want to hire the best professional moving company that offers outstanding service. Lakeville’s population is growing steadily at 60,000 people with 18,683 households and 15,158 families residing in the city. It’s a thriving city with 62 public properties including parks, conservation areas, outdoor activity areas and many more. There are about six notable parks in this city as well.

Whether you’re moving in to Lakeville, moving out, or just moving around, this fun city has quality movers that will aid you in your transition. Just as the fun city that Lakeville is, moving houses need not be as tiring, worrisome or boring. Here’s our Top 3 Lakeville MN Movers that have a fun side to help you in moving.

Shirtless Movers

Shirtless Movers is actually one of the newest players in the moving industry in Saint Paul area. The company started in Phoenix, AZ and has expanded in this city to offer a fun side to moving houses. Instead of thinking about moving as a time-consuming chore, you might actually look forward to the day when their movers knock at your door and aid you in the lifting and moving process. According to reviews, their movers are nice, outgoing, and best of all, professional, with bodies that show a certain physique that tells you your boxes, or furniture are safe. In addition to having a “great view” while they move, they offer single hourly rate for movers and truck, none of the hidden charges and waived driving fee. You can call for a quote at (844) 301-MOVE and they are located at 519 7th St, Farmington, MN 55024.

College Muscle Movers

Another moving company that locally operates in the area are the College Muscle Movers. This company hires college athlete teams to facilitate your move with energy and enthusiasm. The goal of the company is to provide training, real-life experience and harboring professionalism in the workplace for the college students, when they are not studying. They pride themselves on moving as safely and efficiently as possible so you won’t have to worry about stalled time and move the best way possible. You can call CMM and ask for a quote at (651) 917-4108 and you may visit their physical office at 720 Prior Ave N, St Paul. MN 55104.

Good Stuff Moving

Just from the name of the company itself, you would expect nothing but great moving experience and good vibes from their movers. They have pride with their slogan “The customer is #1 with Good Stuff Moving.” Simple, yet all that the customer needs to have a stress-free move. They have been with the industry for a while now at 16 years. They also offer complete packing services and accommodates short notice, or last-minute move based on their availability. You can visit their official website to get estimates or call them at (651) 488-4808. Alternatively, you may visit their office at 245 Roselawn Ave E #21, Maplewood, MN 55117.




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