What Is The Easy Pack


Most of the moving company will improvise ways of ensuring that when you are moving, all your items are safe from damage and wear. The low stack is used in this situation and it goes all the way to the door. I believe the arrangement of items in a truck is a key factor in the moving industry.

Wrapping your furniture is easy, use blankets on top and around. The same wrapping is applied on the TVs and glassy material structures. To tighten the blankets on the item, a rubber band is used especially for small pieces of furniture. A Larger piece of furniture requires the combination of plastic and blanket wraps. For grip, the movers use the shoulder harness for easy maneuver of the furniture from the house and into the moving truck or vice versa. The small items are placed along the periphery of the inside of the truck.

The boxes and other fragile material have to be shielded from colliding with the truck wall, so the mattresses are used to create that necessary bridge of safety. Fragile items like television sets and glassy structures can be placed between two mattresses for extra protection against other moving objects. A full wrap job includes placing two furniture items such as lamps and they are placed high on top, above everything in the truck.

The Easy Pack is designed for fragile non-stackable items such as smaller items, boxes, bags and among others, which need to be moved into and out of apartments or buildings. The bin is made of hard plastic material. It is easy and efficient to move things using this container because it fits well in an elevator. It is a whole lot easier using the container than going back and forth which takes up tons of time.

The Easy Pack can hold and protect lots of small items - can hold as much as 3xstand up dollies. The bin has wheels at the base to enhance transportation. Hence, you can easily cart it through doorways so that you effectively go right into the customer’s house.

The Easy Pack has to be strapped correctly, failure to which the bin can accidentally crush other furniture pieces in the truck. If over stacked the bin becomes heavy and this will give you a hard time go upstairs. It can be cumbersome when you are using the bin to move items in a building without an elevator.

Using an Easy Pack bin can save you 3 trips knowing that it can hold three times as much items as the dolly. Therefore, it works well with apartments which use elevators rather than stairs. Your fragile items are safe when in use. Using the easy pack boxes, you will not only save time, the eco-friendly bin saves you money and waste. They are available for residential and commercial use. They can help you start a moving company or assist you if you decide in making your moving DIY economical.

-Protect Fragile Items
-Move Boxes Fast And Smaller  Non-Stackable Items
-Can Hold 3xMore Boxes Then A Stand Up Dolly
-Can Go Through Door Ways And Elevators
-Makes Moves With Smaller Items Easy
-Great For Apartments

-Can Crush Items In Transport It Is Next To If Not Starpped In.

Where To Buy It?

You can get the easy pack bin on Ebay or Craigslist. It does not cost much, you will spend as little as $150 for a used one on craigslist. If you need a new easy pack bin, then you find it on Ebay at a selling price of $850.


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