Angie’s List Saint Paul MN Moving Company

In the city of Saint Paul, Minnesota lives roughly 300,000 people with the neighboring city of Minneapolis sitting at 400,000 people. According to Zillow, there are 1,070 new homes available for purchase in the Saint Paul area that creates a market for people to move into a new home. This amount of residents can create the opportunity for people to utilize the services of moving companies when they move from house to house, as this service makes moving stress free. Choosing the right moving company can be a difficult decision as there are many options and many can provide similar services. So, how do you choose? The moving company highlighted here on Angie’s List, Shirtless Movers, provides some unique options for the service of moving your home that differentiate them from the rest of the market.

Moving Service

Shirtless Movers moving company provides the service of moving but in a unique process of using shirtless men for the enjoyment of the customers. The idea behind this is the customer can enjoy the view for their stress free move by hiring shirtless movers. The company is run out of two locations one in Minnesota and the original location in Phoenix, AZ. The company prides their service on fun, value and customer service. In other words the price will be in line with the rest of the market, the experience being provided will be an enjoyable moving experience and the customer service experienced will be top rated. By executing the moving service on these three levels, Shirtless Movers creates a competitive advantage that can be tricky to match or compete in the moving company industry.

Additional Services Offered

While Shirtless Movers does provide an excellent service with their basic offering, they also provide additional services included in the price of a move. The basic moving packages include; two movers, moving straps, dollies, plastic wrap, moving blanks and basic tools to complete the job. By using this as the standard customers receive an even greater value by all the inclusive amenities. Additionally, Shirtless Movers do offer long distance moving at a low price per mile and the ability to add a third mover when necessary. Another benefit included in their price is the size of truck; all trucks used are 26ft in length, whereas competitors may charge more for larger trucks. Shirtless Movers seek to provide a value to customers in order to generate a great customer rating and experience on

One More Thing

To close out, Shirtless Movers do provide a service that is not always available by other moving companies, the ability to remove your junk. I am not sure if you have had to move recently but for me this is a great advantage. Whenever I have moved in the past I have always needed a way to remove junk and make my new home worry free. Shirtless Movers provides this service to again relieve the stresses and issues related with moving. This service was born out of Shirtless Movers always trying to create value and bring new services to better serve their customer. This unique service is offered for a flat rate that enables the customer to be rid of the junk that is weighing them down in their new life experience of moving into a new home.

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